Hair Loss Study


By Georgio Trimarchi


This product, used for improving hair quality, was presented to me at the beginning of 2011.

“Bamboo Hair and Scalp Stimulator for Women is formulated for women to restore vitality to hair while supporting proper circulation and blood flow to the scalp …”

“Experience healthier, thicker, longer, more beautiful hair for yourself – naturally! Scientifically formulated for Women and for Men using cutting edge natural active ingredients and nanotechnology, this intensive treatment helps combat the causes of hair loss, thinning and breakage. Our advanced proprietary NP7 Complex® combines hair restoring peptides, biofermentation actives, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for strong, healthier hair growth. Patent pending cellular metabolism boosters targets the bulge stem cells of the hair follicle to encourage hair growth with increased enzyme activity to heighten blood flow and support proper circulation to the scalp and root of the hair. (5.1 fl. oz.)” for further testimonials and pictures visit:



Hair loss has been on the list of complaints from various clients of mine over the years. My approach to address this concern is to balance the internal system of a person. Some of the causes of hair loss are hormone imbalances, infections that deplete the nutrition of the body, weakness in various organs such as lungs and kidneys, as well as circulation problems. The objective is to balance the totality of the individual and support the focus of treatment with proper nutrition.

Over the years, while being treated for general health concerns, some clients have unexpectedly experienced improved hair growth.  In contrast, I observed that others experienced no success with their hair growth improvement. This observation led me to further investigate internal approaches to hair loss issues. I started to recognize that even if the body was balanced in nutrition and energy that the external body, i.e. hair and scalp, needed some type of stimulation to enhance the vitality of the hair. When I tested this product, it showed great promise and led me to perform my own non-scientific study.

Bamboo Hair and Scalp Stimulator was presented to me as a topical treatment.  I decided to try this product with some of my clients who have been experiencing hair loss.

The testing started in March 2011 with four subjects between the ages of 40 to 50 years old – two men and two women.  Energy tests performed on the two versions of the product – Women’s Bamboo Hair and Men’s Bamboo Hair, indicated that, for both genders, the women’s blend would balance the weakened areas of the head that experienced hair loss.  The patients were instructed to spray the area of concern with 2 pumps in the morning and 2 pumps at night and to thoroughly massage their scalp with the product.  The two women had long hair and experienced thinning on the top of the head (front to back area).  One male subject experienced balding on the crown (photo below) and the second had receding hair on the sides of the front of the head (no photos available).

March 15 2011-Start of study (above) and June 20, 2011 (Right) (Click on photos to enlarge)

The photo above depicts change in 3 months after the use of 1 bottle of Women’s Bamboo Hair. An energy test was performed at this time which indicated a smaller area of weakness in the balding area, matching the visible change. (Note:  photo settings vary between the two.) A second bottle was given to this subject as well as the other 3 in the study.

The female subject (photos below), had considerable hair thinning, in spite of having long hair.




March 15 2011-Start of study (Left) and Oct 20, 2011 (Below) (Click on photos to enlarge)


The photo above depicts change in 7 months after the use of 2 bottles of Women’s Bamboo Hair.  Notice the circumference of the area of balding is smaller with the photo on the right.  An energy test was performed at this time which indicated no area of weakness in the top of the head area, matching the visible change. (Note:  photo settings vary between the two.)


The female subjects found that hair loss was significantly reduced and the hair felt stronger by the end of the first bottle. The men subjects felt that their hair felt stronger and fuller. The men subjects did not complain of large quantities of hair loss as the women did.

The hair stylists of the female subjects noticed healthier and stronger hair with small “peach fuzz” hair growth in thinning areas.


The Bamboo Hair product, used in study showed improvement in hair quality and vitality of existing hair in four healthy balanced subjects.  The women had significantly reduced hair loss.

The study provided evidence that Bamboo Hair does improve hair loss where existing follicles are found, and strengthens existing hair.

In my opinion, this product improves hair weakness, prevents further hair loss and encourages vitality to hair follicles which creates potential for hair growth. I would recommend this product to my clients in conjunction with energy therapy, in order to rule out any health deficiencies or obstacles.

This product, in my opinion, would not help hair growth in smooth bald areas of the scalp or completely bald subjects.  Existing hair follicles are required to maximize this products potential.

Time, patience and discipline in using this product daily with scalp massage are needed to maximize results when using this Bamboo Hair product.

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