I am happy to announce that Swami Anand Nisarg will be returning to Canada in August. Some of you attended his last Toronto workshop on Qi Gong and I Ching a couple of years ago. The response was very positive.

Many of my clients have expressed an interest in learning Meditation but are not sure how to begin; so I asked Swami Nisarg if he would share his knowledge and experience in this area with a meditation training session.

Workshop Date: Sunday August 20, 2017

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Registration at 8:30 am)

Location: TBA

Fee: $50 (payment is made on the workshop day–CASH ONLY)

All proceeds go directly to Swami Anand Nisarg.

Workshop Overview:

Meditation, Qi and Energy Centers

In this short workshop, Swami Anand Nisarg will provide basic training and exercises on meditation, and a historical perspective its ancient teachings. You might find that it is completely different than anything you’ve been exposed to before. Your understanding of the “Mind-Body Connection” may transform as these simple teachings and exercises will show you how to use your body, breathing and posture to change your emotions and consciousness.

Instructor Background

Swami Anand Nisarg is the master of the Yi Fa Society, a school of meditation and Qi Cultivation. His teaching style is lively and frequently challenges one’s assumptions about oneself, the spiritual path, and one’s views on reality. He is the author of several books – most recently “The Magician’s I Ching” – and the creator of several teaching series on a dedicated YouTube channel.

Website: The Yi Fa Society


RSVP By August 11, 2017 to reserve your seating by emailing  Georgio Trimarchi at to reserve your spot. Please provide your name, email address and phone number. Limited space is available, so book soon!

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Yours in good health,

Georgio Trimarchi