The Healer’s Workshop


The Elohim Energy Healing method (EEH) is an advanced practical system of healing the body. EEH has laser sharp accuracy in healing and is specific in discovering weaknesses and precise in its treatments.

This method does not involve any religion nor any medical diagnosis and treatment.


This healing system, developed by Marcos Huerta herbalist and healer, employs:

  1. The use of a pendulum as a tool or developed sensing ability to communicate and assess the body through a series of reflex points, pressure points and organ reflexes to determine the cause(s) of ill health or weakness in the body. These points are like speaker phones that give the listener detailed information of any weakness in the body.
  2. The channeling of Elohim energy to heal illness through a written prescription of prayers or transformations for specific intentions.
  3. A system of pressure points related to all the organs in order to stimulate the organs in the body.
  4. The use and application of herbal remedies to cleanse and strengthen the body.

Becoming an Energy Healer

“The Healer’s Workshop” is a comprehensive certificate program developed to help people learn how to heal themselves and their friends and family. The Beginners course is approximately 20 hours long and may be held in a weekend.

The student will receive a pendulum, manual and a triggerizer tool (optional) for pressure points. Once the healer understands and uses the Elohim Energy transformations for specific conditions, the channel of energy will flow and the afflicted person will benefit greatly. The Healer will also be able to heal him/herself.


No prerequisites are required for the beginner’s course. However, it is intended that the participant retain an open-mind. This course is self-contained and the students do not require any previous medical knowledge.


Georgio Trimarchi has instructed this course and currently provides Energy assessments and treatments at the Thornhill Health & Wellness Centre location, 905.738.6303, Extension 51.

Georgio has been a dedicated student of holistic healing since 1990. Discovering answers to causes of ill health and utilizing methods that work have encouraged him to pursue alternative practices, and has lead him to the Elohim Energy Healing method. He is also a registered massage therapist in private practice since 1990, and concurrently works an osteopathic manual practitioner-a graduate from the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Georgio has taken many workshops and provides a unique vision on health.

“This course will change your life! This method, which I am truly grateful for, has empowered me to heal myself and my family from most common ailments that come up in our daily life.”

Call 905.738.6303, Extension 51 or email us for a registration form.

This course is proposed to be available in the future as the manual is under revision.