Qigong meditation part 2

The following video of Qigong practice is provided by Swami, Deva Peter. This video was recorded at The Way of Harmony Meditation Group during an actual session and filmed by Georgio Trimarchi. It is with great appreciation to have permission to show this video to the public. Thank you Swami, Devi Peter.

Introduction video: Qigong mediation part 2

Full length instructional Qigong video: Qigong meditation part 2 with Swami, Deva Peter

For those that like to read the details of this Qigong sequence, please read below:

  1. Knocking on the doorway of life
  2. Spinal cord breathing
  3. The basic standing flow
  4. The breathing exercise
  5. Back to the first standing flow
  6. The fountain
  7. Second standing flow-Buddha holds the world (hands behind you)
  8. The tree swaying
  9. The third standing flow-Embracing a tree
  10. Cloudy hands-Heart exercise
  11. The fourth standing flow-Holding the golden urn (arms up in an angle in front of you)
  12. Pebble in the pond
  13. The fifth standing flow-Pulling down the heaven’s (hands facing down touching the ball of energy beneath them)
  14. Bamboo in the wind-The standing meditation

A common practice at the end of the Qigong session is to sit or lye down to meditate for a length of time that satisfies your needs.

To practice in the Toronto classes or further information, please contact Swami Deva Peter at swamidevapeter@gmail.com for a location near you. Alternatively, http://www.mystery-school.net.

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