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Disease exists when the individual decides that there is absolutely no way out, out of the zoo. It begins with a thought of negative way that they established as their own, their own protective way of keeping self stuck and tormented inside, by not allowing self to live, to live and let live in and outside. It is almost always a thought, a negative thought projected at someone else and held on to it tightly as though a second rib. The energy from this thought creates distortion of it’s own and is then turned into a cellular level and hooks on. This begins to create a mass negativity on a molecular level that begins to eat away, because it’s own energy creates more and more fire. The only way to reverse the process once has begun, is to change the belief of the thinking that: It is all not really going to change. Then once they realize they have a choice in the matter then need to go in with chi and change that ridiculous order. Because that chi circulates, as you know, it itself has the ability to grow and yet again change the cellular belief that it’s imbalance is the only way to go. So then it could use the same assistance indeed but that need be natural for otherwise it just creates more and more unnatural state. So peaceful acceptance is all that’s required, it comes from the thoughts, no other.
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