Osteopathy is the study of all living organism in the body and how they function. “An Osteopath is an Engineer of the human body which treats the causes of dysfunction and pain by assessing and treating the different types of barriers that restrict the expression of physiology and health.” (P. Druelle D.O, Canadian College of Osteopathy). In other words, “a flower petal that is unable to fully bloom because of pressure and constriction will be limited to fully expressing its true nature”. This type of therapy helps open up suppressed states in the body and allows freedom, enhanced health and newfound expressions of your true self…The Future Fountain of Youth!

Osteopathic treatment is a gentle and focused approach utilizing many techniques (such as cranial sacral, strain counter strain, impulse manipulations, and organ manipulations) to assist the body to heal. A session commonly lasts one hour. Osteopathy is provided at the Thornhill clinic location.