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Yi Fa Qi Gong with Swami Anand Nisarg

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Qi Gong Exercises description

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Warm up Exercises

Preliminary Exercises 1 , Preliminary Exercises 2

level 1 Earth exercise

Qi Gong Exercises description  (word document for Level 1 Earth Exercise)

Qi Gong is not only a series of gentle movement exercises for physical health, or work with different focus points/energy-centers of the body; it is also an advanced system of meditation designed to elevate your consciousness and help you to, over time, manifest your higher self (called “The Superior Individual”).

Yi Fa Qi gong is a series of exercises and practices, based on the elemental system found in the I Ching, the most ancient of Chinese spiritual texts. In spite of being one of the most advanced and complete systems of Qi Gong, the basic exercises of Yi Fa are very simple and easy to learn. The exercises do not take very long to do and are ideal for the modern world as you can adjust the time spent on the exercises according to your daily schedule.

Swami Anand Nisarg is the author of The Magician’s I Ching, published by Karnac/Aeon books. Alternatively, the book can be purchased through amazon: Magicians- I Ching-Swami-Anand-Nisarg at Amazon.com
Swami Anand Nisarg’s book, The Magician’s I Ching, is an attempt to present the I Ching not for the academic, but for the practical western user that wants to actually work with the ‘alchemy’ of the I Ching.

He has been a student of the I Ching for over 20 years, of Qi Gong for over 15 years, and of both the western and eastern esoteric/magical tradition. He is a spiritual teacher with students and initiates worldwide, and the modern head of the YI FA Society, a school for training in a meditation system of inner alchemy based on the I Ching and Qi Gong.

For further information please contact Swami Anand Nisarg: swamiji_nisarg@yahoo.com

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