Crystals/Stones for EMF Protection

Artificial magnetic fields (from Elohim Energy healing method manual, Marcos Huerta):

Magnetic fields can be created artificially by electricity and are called “electromagnetic fields”. Fields are also generated around flowing water, which explains why “dowsing” works to locate water.

The body’s energy flow will be altered with prolonged exposure to high-power cables and electric blankets, which will eventually weaken the body’s immune system. 

The safety zone for power cables and generators are as follows:

  • 30 meters or 100 feet from above-ground cables on residential streets for home service
  • 1500 meters (1 mile) away from prominent, sizeable high voltage hydro towers. Underground cables are safe since the earth shields them. 
  • 8 kilometers or 5 miles from nuclear power stations (assuming they are operating safely)

What to do from exposure to EMFs:

(These are methods that I have tested and found to help reduce exposure and support a healthy living environment). 

  • In cases of short exposure to power cables (by driving under them), gently hit your thymus gland (located in the upper mid-chest area) five times with a closed fist soon after leaving the area. This technique will bring your strength back again.
  • Use the Sacred G code on your cell phone between your case or tape it on the back. Place this on any device, e.g. computers, modems etc.
  • Orgonite mitigates the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The orgonite that I make has a range of approximately 500 square feet of coverage to help keep your body balanced from EMFs. 
  • Pyrite stone helps absorb EMF radiation from the body. Use Selenite to clean this stone.
  • Black tourmaline stone on a selenite base: A hand size stone helps approximately 50 square feet. 
  • Aloe vera plants around the home or office space will help reduce exposure to EMF
  • The stones and orgonite can be placed on the body for further benefits.
Black Tourmaline on Selenite for EMF protection
Black Tourmaline on Selenite
Aloe Plants for EMF Protection
Aloe Plants
Pyrite on selenite
Pyrite on selenite
Orgonite for EMF Protection

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