Touch for Health

Georgio Trimarchi Innergetics Founder

Developed by chiropractor John Thie, Touch for Health combines methods and techniques in a holistic approach that include acupuncture principles, acupressure, muscle testing, massage, and dietary guidelines. The method of treatment requires a second person (a practitioner) who performs muscle testing.

Benefits of Touch For Health:

  • reduce physical and mental pain
  • improve postural balance
  • alleviate tension
  • optimize well being

Meet our Touch for Health practitioner and founder, Georgio Trimarchi. Georgio’s treatments incorporate a combination of the modalities he is proficient in, including Touch for Health. His sensitivity as a therapist allows him to determine the ideal combination of therapies for his clients for their unique circumstances at the time of testing.



The first step on your journey toward healing and well-being involves an initial assessment. This assessment begins with completing an Energy Assessment Form, followed by an energy test to provide personalized recommendations. After the distance energy test is performed, treatment recommendations will be provided. Sometimes, these recommendations may not involve an in-person visit, which means that you won’t have to start your path to addressing your health issues with a physical appointment. This process ensures an efficient and holistic approach to addressing your concerns while prioritizing your care and commitment to offering timely, effective assistance to as many individuals as possible. If this approach aligns with your needs, we invite you to take the first step on your journey with us.

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