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Distance Energy
Testing & Healing

Our founder, Georgio Trimarchi, offers distance energy testing via email communication.

All that’s needed is your picture, your birth date, and your name. All information provided is kept confidential. The testing fee is $90 (13% HST included).

There are 2 parts to the process:

  1. the testing and
  2. the healing process.

Georgio will test for imbalances and infections in your body and provide recommendations on bringing balance to your health. If the test determines that you require healing (e.g. for infections, cell regeneration), Georgio will provide distance healing.

For those new to this method of Energy Testing and Healing, more information about Georgio and the healing method is below.

  • Distance energy testing
  • Home care recommendations (nutrients, vitamins, meditation, etc.)
  • Distance healing (if required)
  • $90 (per test, per person, HST included) 
Required Information
  • Picture of yourself (alone, full-body, good lighting, clothed)
  • Full name
  • Birthdate 

This is an energy test/method and not a medical diagnosis. I am not using the medical system in this method. 

About the method

The energy healing method named Elohim Energy Healing Method was developed by Georgio’s mentor, the late Marcos Huerta. The system incorporates the use of a pendulum as a channelling tool to assess the body’s energetic condition through a series of reflex points, and to decipher healing remedies such as herbal recommendations and specific practices, such as meditation. Georgio has known Marcos since 1997 and this method has helped his life, family and many of his clients in bringing balance to our health and wellbeing. Georgio is very grateful to Marcos for his selfless support. Learn more.

Georgio Trimarchi Innergetics Founder
Georgio Trimarchi, D.Sc. O., D.O.(MP), RMT, B.A.

About Georgio

I have been a dedicated student of holistic healing since 1990 and have made it my lifework to discover and apply remedies for ill health in the physical and energy fields. I’ve been a registered massage therapist since 1990 and concurrently work as an Osteopathic manual practitioner, as well as a Touch for Health practitioner and instructor. I have also conducted several workshops, teaching individuals various techniques to restore balance in their physical and emotional health. Total health is a daily effort that permeates every aspect of our biology, as we face the challenges of life and the environment. It’s important to me that individuals are empowered to maintain balance for themselves. 



The first step on your journey toward healing and well-being involves an initial assessment. This assessment begins with completing an Energy Assessment Form, followed by an energy test to provide personalized recommendations. After the distance energy test is performed, treatment recommendations will be provided. Sometimes, these recommendations may not involve an in-person visit, which means that you won’t have to start your path to addressing your health issues with a physical appointment. This process ensures an efficient and holistic approach to addressing your concerns while prioritizing your care and commitment to offering timely, effective assistance to as many individuals as possible. If this approach aligns with your needs, we invite you to take the first step on your journey with us.

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