Kidney Cleanse

Please consult your health practitioner/professional to determine if this cleanse is right for you.

This cleanse was borrowed from the book God Helps Those Who Help Themselves by Hanna Kroeger.

Purpose of this cleanse: To clean the kidneys and help with small stones and debris. (If you suspect kidney stones, consult with a medical doctor. For acute cases, seek medical attention immediately)


You can eat food on this cleanse.

Duration: 5 weeks


  • Dark grape Juice (Concord, organic)

  • Cream of Tartar

  • Teas: Knotgrass and Chamomile


  • Mix 7 ounces of grape juice with 1/ tsp cream of tartar.

  • Take 2 ounces 3 times per day before meals (you will have an extra ounce for spillage/waste; finish it with the last dosage of the day).

  • Mix Knotgrass and Chamomile in equal parts (I used 2 tbsps. of each) in 1 quart of hot water to make a tea (use a steeper).

Directions for tea: 

Drink 1 quart (4 cups) of tea per day for 5 weeks. (Drink a little throughout the day, and don’t ice it).




This is a Kidney Cleanse (after you have completed the above 5-week cleanse):

Duration: 1 day

Remedy: Raw beet juice


  • Make an 8-ounce glass of raw beet juice and drink 1 teaspoon at a time throughout the day.
  • Drink water as well.
  • Make the 8 ounces last the whole day, with nothing eaten that day.

The urine turns red as the system absorbs the beet juice drop by drop. It is good to do every six months.



  • Some kidney symptoms (other than kidney stones symptoms):
  • Stiff neck
  • Disc trouble
  • Stiff and painful arms
  • Back troubles
  • Fuzzy eyesight

Right kidney: 

  • Filters inorganic substances like toxic lead, mercury, copper, D.D.T., and arsenic-bound chemicals. When overloaded, it does not hurt and becomes cold to the touch.

Left kidney:

  • Sensitive to infections

It is essential to drink plenty of fluids, especially in warm weather, if you ever have had, or think you might have, a tendency to form kidney stones.

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