Saturation Cleanse


(Restorative type cleanse)

Developed by Marcos Huerta

Please consult your health practitioner/professional to determine if this cleanse is right for you.

The process:

Eat and drink papaya and goat milk (HOMO) for # of days. NO FOOD, DRINK, OR SUPPLEMENTS ARE TO BE TAKEN DURING THE CLEANSE EXCEPT WATER, HERBAL DECAF TEAS AND PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Email me when you are on the last cleanse day, so I can test to see if you can start eating food and taking supplements. Most people eat and drink about 1 papaya and 1 litre of goat milk daily, more or less. Do not go hungry; eat about every 2 to 3 hours. This is a challenging cleanse. Keep going.

When the body becomes overloaded with one or more substances, the body can develop a condition known as “saturation”. Saturation of the body will affect one’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients from foods and supplements. Saturation can be caused by an overload of specific foods, food in general, and medications/supplements. Saturation can be caused by deficient or weak organs which do not process foods/substances properly, leading to a toxic build-up in the body. Exposure to toxins such as air pollutants, water, pollutants, makeup and hair dye are further causes. The most common types/causes of saturation are calcification, protein excess, chemical toxicity, metal toxicity, infection and enzyme deficiency. A person who is saturated is more prone to allergies, healing crises, heart palpitation, etc.

Saturation can be treated with the following:

  • Papaya/goat milk diet
  • Detox ionic foot baths
  • Energy healing
  • Avoidance of the drugs/supplements that show low tolerance
  • Colon irrigation

IMPORTANT: Serious conditions are to be treated before a person starts any treatment for saturation, such as issues with heart valves, thick blood, kidney stones, gall bladder stones, and heart conditions.

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