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Touch For Health Level 1 Workshop

I would like to personally thank all the students for their enthusiasm, professionalism and loving hearts during the course. Thank you for sending your cases and questions regarding your Touch for Health practice. I hope my feedback helps you.

I would also like to thank Sher Smith from Realizing Your Potential for her hospitality and the use of her location for the course, as well as CanAsk (Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology) for their help in providing course handouts and supplies (books etc) for TFH Level 1.

A special thanks to Jenny Domingues for taking class photos while learning TFH.

Last, but not least, my wife Ivana, for her support in all of this and the great treats she baked for our snack time!

In the spirit of good health,

Georgio Trimarchi

Testimonials from the students

Innergetics Touch for Health Workshop
"The instructor was awesome! The teaching methods kept a good flow of information and learning. It was concise and easy to learn. I will use what I learned with friends, family and myself."
"Thank you Georgio, for your patience and sharing your gift.  The cross crawl exercises during intermission helped when energy levels were low. Doing the exercises, following the manual and being both “receiver” and “giver” gave me the confidence to do more…"
"Georgio was very helpful by repeating most important points. Learning the hand positions and how much strength to use in muscle testing was key to my success. I will use this in my practice."
Tina Laronga
Registered Massage Therapist
"I really enjoyed the entire 2 day course. Georgio was very knowledgeable and was also wonderful in teaching us in practical terms. The classroom environment was very, the other attendee’s were very engaged, informed and willing to share their knowledge. I will use what I have learned regularly to heal and balance myself and others."
"I feel very lucky that I had an opportunity to learn from Georgio. All 2 days in the classroom were very enjoyable and filled with positive learning energy. I like that I was able to learn 14 muscles testing. There is nothing I did not like. I will use this on my family and myself. I am very happy that I met all those people and learned TFH. Looking forward to taking TFH level 2!"
"Excellent delivery, very relaxed and pleasant, good group of students. This is another educational tool for alternative medicine to heal and that can be used and practiced with wonderful results."
Sandra M.
"Georgio has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and keeping focus on the curriculum of the course while addressing targets. The course was complete, robust, informative, useful and something I can use immediately. I plan to use TFH in everyday health, with family and students."
Jenny Domingues
Women’s Kung Fu Club

Student Cases

Case 1: TFH 1

I tried a muscle testing session on a friend with mental and physical challenges. I used a surrogate in order to test her. We found three inhibitions, did the corrections on my friend and retested to get a lock. Right after we were done my friend was so relaxed and maybe tired. She took a quick nap for a few minutes which on a normal day was out of sorts for her.

My friend’s mother wanted me to make sure you know that she is prone to seizures and takes anti-convulsion medication. Is there anything else I should know when testing her?  Many massage therapists in the past have refused to treat her.


Great job! When someone sleeps or has to rest after a balancing, they need it! Their body is trying to heal when at rest.

I have worked with people whom have seizures and I didn’t find any problems as long as their medication was working. I have done massage therapy, osteopathy and touch for health.  The TFH method is safe and gentle, allowing the body to improve its energy in order to heal. The only caution I would advise is to have her inform the medical doctor whom prescribed the medication that you are balancing her, so that feedback or precautions can be provided. You are doing a great service to her energy field. You will know when someone doesn’t want a balancing; you will see them walk away from you. I haven’t seen that yet (22 years). Georgio

Case 2: TFH 1

I was able to balance few cases. However, there is one where the person had the following:

Governing meridian – left – balanced with NL

Spleen meridian – left – balanced with NL

Heart meridian – right – cannot balance – tried NL, NV, meridian massage, jiggling, ESR

Triple warmer meridian – left and right – balanced with SR, NV

Liver meridian – right – balanced with NL

I was not able to balance the heart meridian during that session. Is there something else that I could have done or we just need to let the body adjust and try again during the next session?


In TFH level 2 you will learn about “over energy” and that might answer the heart question (usually it is in over energy in my experience). One note, we never sedate the heart meridian. Georgio 

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