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December 18, 2012

The contention and illusion of battle is a reflection of our social pulse. Tension energy resonates throughout everyone. Worldwide, people collaborate in this pulsating tension as the end of the solstice approaches, and the beginning of a new day nears. 

Ardent heartbeats vibrate in the soul to prepare for a voyage of peace and harmony with everyone. Break away from the model that was created by the social community and carry forth your truth for others to see.  

Open your eyes to the calmness and the reality unveiled. Allow trust to permeate your heart to allow life to unfold to its fullness. Now, demonstrate a new way and others will follow.

As health concerns grow, people seek a deeper truth that will unleash the spirit unto its rightful freedom.

Georgio Trimarchi

Senica Indian Cleanse

The Cleansing Diet was contributed by the Seneca Indians.

This 4 day cleanse supports and helps to allow the body to function optimally. Clients have experienced a decrease in allergy symptoms and congestion in the body, improved digestion, weight loss,  and increased energy levels.

This cleanse can be repeated seasonally or at your discretion.

DAY 1:

Eat only fruit and all you want (no bananas).  This will cleanse the colon (your waste paper basket).

DAY 2:

Drink all herb teas you want, such as, raspberry, hyssop, chamomile, or peppermint.  Sweeten slightly with honey or maple sugar if needed.  This day will release toxins, salt and excessive calcium deposits in the muscles, tissue and organs. It is important to drink enough fluids during day 2 because headaches may occur. Day 2 is easier when you are able to relax in the comfort of you home and not challenged by many activities.

DAY 3:

Eat all vegetables you want.  Have them raw, steamed or both.  The third day the digestive tract is supplied with healthful, mineral rich bulk.

DAY 4:

Make a big pot of vegetable broth by boiling cauliflower, cabbage, onion, green pepper, parsley, or whatever you have available. Season with sea salt. Drink only this rich mineral broth all day long. On this last day, the blood lymph, and inner organs are mineralized.

Prior to commencing, gather all ingredients for each day so that the cleanse will run smoothly.

From God helps those that help themselves by Hanna Kroeger.

Precautions: Consult your health practitioner to determine if this cleanse is for you. Consult you medical doctor for people taking medications prescribed by your MD. 



Disease exists when the individual decides that there is absolutely no way out, out of the zoo. It begins with a thought of negative way that they established as their own, their own protective way of keeping self stuck and tormented inside, by not allowing self to live, to live and let live in and outside. It is almost always a thought, a negative thought projected at someone else and held on to it tightly as though a second rib. The energy from this thought creates distortion of it’s own and is then turned into a cellular level and hooks on. This begins to create a mass negativity on a molecular level that begins to eat away, because it’s own energy creates more and more fire. The only way to reverse the process once has begun, is to change the belief of the thinking that: It is all not really going to change. Then once they realize they have a choice in the matter then need to go in with chi and change that ridiculous order. Because that chi circulates, as you know, it itself has the ability to grow and yet again change the cellular belief that it’s imbalance is the only way to go. So then it could use the same assistance indeed but that need be natural for otherwise it just creates more and more unnatural state. So peaceful acceptance is all that’s required, it comes from the thoughts, no other.
Life Choices Consulting