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It is in a way you see

That all is acceptable to thee

For it is when you are

Open to that of what is presented naturally



For it is when one understands

The importance of True Love grand

And it truly does open up

And create the room for Truth there of



So just realize that all is now

To truly be in a Beauty way and how

For it will then truly express

The ways are able to say what is best



For it is when one realizes

That life is truly full of surprises

Though need truly understand

That Self Honour and Respect are equally grand



For it is with oneself you see

Where the gentleness is present so Kindly

And as well it truly shows

Others how to be caring in the show



So just realize that it is now

In a way that brings forth a great peace

That honours the shine within thee deep

And no longer allow others to be unkind to thee



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