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Qigong Meditation Part 1

  Wikipedia defines Qigong (Chi/Ki). This site provides the history, theory and various practices of Qigong. This site also gives information of types of applications and criticisms of Qigong. It is worth reading this article, prior to commencing, to better understand the practice of Qigong.

Georgio Trimarchi, founder of innergetics.ca, has been practicing Qigong for a few years (2009) with the Toronto group classes founded by Swami Anand Nisarg, a spiritual teacher.

Georgio has  been practicing Wing Chun Kungfu for about 7 year, initially taught by the late Sifu Jay Newberry and then by Sifu Jay’s teacher  Sifu Roy D. Anthony of Centerline Martial Arts System.

Both practices provide forms of Qigong that have benefited Georgio by balancing his energy flow, stamina, strength and further development of his health practitioner skills.

The 5 video segments of Qigong practice are provided by Swami, Anand Nisarg from his latest trip to Toronto in August 2010 and filmed by Georgio Trimarchi. It is with great appreciation to have permission to show these videos to the public. Thank you Swami, Anand Nisarg.


Throughout each video segment, dynamic or movements patterns can be repeated up to 10 times (or more).  Static posses are to be held for 1 minute or longer. Like any other exercise, adjust the repetitions of movement patterns and static posses to your own ability and comfort level. Focus on your breath, while doing this form of Qigong, in a slow and relaxed way. After completing section 5, continue to focus on breathing from 10 to 30 minutes or more in the static meditation position. For people that have trouble sitting on the floor with their legs crossed, sit on a pillow or in a chair–being comfortable is an asset to being able to achieve the desired relaxation affect in Qigong practice.

The following Qigong form is made up of 5 sections:

Qigong section 1 by Swami Anand Nasarg

Qigong section 2 by Swami Anand Nasarg

Qigong section 3 by Swami Anand Nasarg

Qigong section 4 by Swami Anand Nasarg

Qigong section 5 by Swami Anand Nasarg

Georgio Trimarchi is not an expert on this topic, he is a person that practices Qigong and has greatly benefited from this experience. He would like to invite you to share your experiences with him but for further information and guidance on Qigong, contact Swami, Anand Nisarg.

To practice in the Toronto classes, please contact Swami Deva Peter at swamidevapeter@gmail.com for a location near you.

We continue to follow the philosophy, of the Innergetics Company, by offering wellness clinics, health workshops, and educational and inspirational resources that build energy, awareness, and actions to help people reach their goals.